Alexander W. Lee


Work Experience

Microsoft Microsoft logo

Software Engineer, Aug 2022 - Present

I work on Microsoft’s Cloud + AI Commerce Catalog Frontdoor team. Responsible for 90% of Microsoft’s revenue, our services are core to Microsoft’s commerce stack, powering storefronts such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Xbox, and Windows. We enable product browse, discovery, purchase, and post-purchase scenarios. Scaling to over 200K requests per second, we serve more than 200 partners and run on the largest Azure Kubernetes clusters with over 1500 virtual machines across multiple regions and clouds.

Software Engineer Intern, Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

As an intern on the Frontdoor team, I focused on enhancing the on-call experience for engineers by developing features on the team’s service to efficiently diagnose product configuration issues.

Amherst College CS Department Amherst logo

Research Assistant, Dec 2020 - May 2022

I conducted research as a member of the Amherst College Data* Mammoths and co-authored the following papers:

  1. ROhAN: Row-order Agnostic Null Models for Statistically-sound Knowledge Discovery. This work introduces a novel class of null models for the statistical validation of results obtained from binary transactional and sequence datasets. It presents an algorithmic framework for efficiently sampling datasets from these null models, which is a necessary step for the resampling-based statistical hypothesis tests employed to validate the results. The paper was accepted for publication in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (S.I. for ECML PKDD 2023), and I will be co-presenting at ECML PKDD 2023. See GitHub repo.
  2. A Scalable Parallel Algorithm for Balanced Sampling (Student Abstract). This work presents a novel parallel algorithm for drawing balanced samples from large populations based on a variant of the cube method for stratified populations. The paper was accepted for publication to the AAAI 2022 Student Abstract and Poster Program, and I co-presented to various experts in the field. See GitHub repo.

Teaching Assistant and Peer Tutor, Mar 2019 - Dec 2020

I helped students deepen their understanding of data structures and object-oriented programming in Java by holding one-hour teaching sessions twice a week. In these sessions, I supported students in applying what they learned from classes by providing guidance on how to approach their weekly projects and homework assignments.

Fidelity Investments Fidelity logo

Software Engineer Intern, Jun 2020 - Aug 2020

I interned with the Contact Center Cloud Solutions team and implemented software solutions for Fidelity contact centers using AWS. My projects boosted the productivity of branch agents and improved customer call experience by leveraging services such as Amazon Connect, Lambda, Lex, DynamoDB, and Elasticsearch to route customers to the appropriate contact centers.

Health Sqyre Health Sqyre logo

Software Engineer Intern, Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

I worked with a team of engineers to develop Flask microservices for the startup company’s medical devices e-commerce platform. I primarily focused on increasing the accuracy of parsing patient medical insurance data for the company’s insurance payment microservice. Furthermore, I enhanced building and testing efficiency among engineers by developing Flask web applications for querying company utilized APIs.